[TOP 8] Baby dolls that look real – buying guide


When you mention baby dolls, people usually think about small children that play various games with their Barbie toys or possibly a Bratz doll. They don’t think a lot about the fact that these things can be used in many different fields of life, and even in some careers.

Baby dolls that look real have been a popular catch on the Internet in the last five to ten years and a lot of people are wondering why? While many people find them creepy or weird, these little babies have been helping many people! Let’s talk about the many important things real-looking baby dolls can be involved in.

Where can you use baby dolls that look real?

  1. Playing. Just like any other toy, it can be gifted to a child. Depending on the age and the gender of the kid, you can find the perfect doll for it to play with. There have been many benefits noticed among the children that play with these as well!

    Children develop empathy, introverted children have a better time with other kids and learn to communicate more easily, they get to know what having a responsibility feels like and it sets their imagination free!

    Many parents decide to go for these toys just because they want their child to play less with their computer or their phone as well!

  2. Students work with them. Whether you’re a medicine student, a physiology student or a Douala-in-making, you know how important it is to work with a realistic body in order to find out how you’re going to treat a real patient.

    Many universities get these dolls to teach their students on where they need to do a blood test, on how they need to handle babies and what type of equipment can they use while they’re working with a patient that’s extremely small.

  3. Pregnancy classes love these! If you’re pregnant or a father that’s expecting a baby soon, you may know that there are numerous classes where people can enjoy a professional talk about breastfeeding, nursing a baby, feeding a baby, holding it the right way and many more small things that are beneficial to your starting days.

    If you’ve never had a baby before, it can be very challenging to understand how hard can you grip the baby, how gentle do you need to be while holding it and putting it away. That’s why you usually work with these little models.

  4. Therapies. Women that lost their babies because of a miscarriage or a stillbirth, those who have lost their child in an accident and those who cannot conceive can have many mental challenges ahead of them.
    It is suggested that a woman gets a real-looking baby in order to soothe herself until she is able to rationalize what happened to her. While many people judge this sort of therapy, many psychologists think that it is needed for a person to process the whole thing.

  5. Parties. This may be a really weird one, but a lot of people like to use these for birth showers or as a funny gift at a party. These can be a fantastic decoration and they look great on pictures as well!

  6. Photographs learn about newborn-photoshoots. Speaking of photography, you probably know how popular it is to make a photoshoot of a really small baby! While many photographers gained their experience by working with a real baby, some decided to try out these dolls in order to see what positions and frames look great with them!

Realistic Look Dolls – Our Top Picks

As many of you know, the easiest way to learn something is by having a clear example of it. Because of that, we wanted to share our favorite baby dolls that look real with you and we’ll see what’s special about each one of them!

1. Paradise Galleries Newborn Reborn Baby

Our top pick!

This model is called „wishes and dreams” and it has been made by a famous artist Jannie de Lange. If you’re looking for something that truly feels like a real baby, this one is surely up to the standards because it includes GentleTouch technology! This means that the body will feel 100% realistic.

The skin tone is medium and the eyes are closed. This baby has a bit of brown hair, but just like a newborn, not a lot. You will see perfectly painted details like the lips and the fingernails, as well as the toes. All of these details have been made by hand!

This is actually a Reborn baby, a premium quality one, which is usually meant for collectors as well! With the baby, you’re getting an outfit, the shoes, the magnetic pacifier a hat, a blanket/toy, and the whole set is made for the baby to feel completely natural and high-quality.

You can easily get accessories for these babies as well, so if you’re an enthusiast, we would recommend you get extra features! She comes in premium packaging as well!

2. Paradise Galleries Reborn Newborn Baby with a Sleeping Bag

This little baby feels just like a real one: it’s 19 inches tall and is made by using the same premium technology as the previous one: GentleTouch.

What’s truly special about this one is that two of this kind are never the same, because all of the important details are made by hand: the eyelashes, the hair, the painted lips and so on.

Although this model, „Sweet Dreams Mary“ is made to be a sleepy newborn, you can use it in various styles. The mouth is slightly open and the little chin dimple will make it seem as if it was a real baby sleeping there!

The artist who made this one is called Emily Jameson and she made sure that this piece was suiting both to young mothers, those in need of a therapy and kids who are playing with these.

You’re getting the outfit, the sleeping background, small shoes, a hat (that has little cute ears) and a bib as well! It is just about the right weight like a real baby at this age would be and the little lamb toy you get with it can sing a really soft version of „Mary Had a Little Lamb” when you activate it by an old-fashion string.

3. JC Toys LA Newborn All-Vinyl-Anatomically Correct Baby

Now we’re looking at a doll that doesn’t include the GentleTechnology and is made exclusively from vinyl. This means that the baby won’t feel as „floppy“ and will be a bit more sturdy as well.

With the doll, you’re getting a blanket, a hat, and some boots as well! This means that this baby doll can still be a perfect companion for your child as well! It’s a 15″ doll with a lighter skin tone and it has blue eyes as well!

A very important feature this baby has is the fact that it’s anatomically 100% accurate, which means that not only have the details been painted very carefully, but the baby also has appropriate genitals. This is beneficial for teaching and therefore this baby is a really good choice for classes!

4. Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll „Tall Dreams“

Let’s go back to our trusted Paradise Galleries babies and check out one of these very special models that are actually larger than the usual. This is a 19“ baby that is made for children 3+ and many other occasions: courses, therapies, etc.

It is a highly-detailed baby as well and all of the small features on it have been made by hand! It’s made with the famous GentleTouch technology by a famous artist called Michelle Fagan. She has also made a 10-piece set you’re getting with the baby: boots, a bottle, a pacifier, a plush toy, a onesie, a jacket, a small hat, and even a bib!

This is a very premium baby and it has medium to light skin tone, brown big eyes, and nice hair! Unlike many babies, this comes with a bit more hair and a better style!

The artist paid attention to everything: the baby even has blushing on certain areas that move a lot! Once again, it’s pretty easy to find accessories for it because of it’s conventional size: it can even use regular baby clothes!

5. CHAREX Reborn Sleeping Baby Doll Soft Silicone Vinyl Doll

This is probably the biggest model there is out there and it’s a 22-incher! This baby has a soft (silicone-like) head and has been handmade! The mohair, the eyelashes, the clothes as well!

The material used is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about your kid being exposed to any potential chemicals. You’re getting the baby and the 6-piece set that should help you grow with it.

You’re getting the pink onesie, the hat, the pacifier, a bottle to feed the baby and a birth certificate as well, which many babies don’t get! This could be a special plus for those who are in therapy!

The baby has closed eyes, a fair skin tone with many blushed areas! The hair is blonde and the whole toy weighs about 3.3 lbs! That helps the baby feel completely real!

6. Aori Reborn Baby Doll 22-Inch Handmade

Once again, if you’re looking for a very realistic model, this 22″ baby will be perfect for you! It’s s very soft one, made of vinyl (not as good as silicone, but still good) and with the doll, you’re getting the magnetic pacifier in the features set!

It’s important to say that the baby is filled with PP cotton and that it has no gender! This means that you cannot really use it to teach nursing schools! You can move the limbs, but you cannot wash it!

It’s fair in skin tone, has blue eyes and also has pretty eyelashes! The details on her hands and toes are painted by artists who have done all of this by hand, no machines: just a brush and a doll!

You can wash it and dress it! No worries about the safety of the materials the doll are made from: they have all been certified with ASTM F963 and EN71!

With the doll, you’re getting a set of outfits, a teddy bear, a pacifier, a bottle, a birth certificate, and a service card as well!

7. iCradle Real Life 22inch Reborn Baby Doll

This baby doll is a bit more special than the other ones since the whole thing is made by hand! This means that no two babies are completely alike when it comes to the height and the weight, but also the looks!

The soft silicone baby is also filled with cotton, which is a perfect combination for a „floppy“ experience. The baby has hair which you can style and has a lot of details on it: it’s a bit chubby, has clear eyes, looks very pinkish on some parts!

The eyes are made from acrylic and this means that the baby cannot blink or change their state! You’re also getting doll clothing with it! The material the baby is made of is non-toxic and is also eco-friendly, which means that you can have a guilt-free playtime!

8. OCSDOLL Reborn Baby Dolls 22“

Our last model, but certainly not the least important one, is a 22“, once again, and it weighs about 1.3 kilograms! The doll is also handmade, so you cannot expect it to weigh the exact amount of kilos/lbs!

The mix of materials on this baby is very interesting and it also helps the whole look to be much more realistic: it’s a combination of cloth filled with cotton and vinyl!

The baby has hair and it has been rooted by hand, which makes it very realistic! It is very soft and you should use a metal comb to avoid any knotting on the fine strands!

The eyes are closed and the baby cannot blink. The eyebrows are drawn by hand, as well as the lips: they are made to look moist and soft, just like real baby lips.

The nails are drawn by hand as well and with the baby, you are getting a cute outfit that you can switch up if you wish because the hands and the legs move as well

How to take care of a baby doll?

We won’t be talking about the daily routine made up of hugs, kisses, and feeding. We’re talking about the maintenance these babies need!

The routine will be different based on the model you got. Most of these can be „washed” with baby wipes, but we always suggest you try the method on a really small part of the baby to see if any color is coming off!

If the baby can be put in water, you can wash it with gentle soap and you need to take care of the hair because it’s mostly synthetic, so you don’t want to be rubbing it too much. That will make a bunch of knots you cannot remove!

You can also use cotton swabs to reach all of the „hard to reach“ places. Babies usually have a lot of them because they have a lot of wrinkles as well! Make sure to test all of the „wet ingredients“ you’re using on a small patch of the babies back!

Do not wash these babies in washing machines or dry their hair with a hairdryer. All of these materials, depending on the type of plastic, could be flammable or could release unhealthy fumes. That’s why you’re looking for a product that is eco-friendly and certified to be healthy!


Depending on what you need the baby doll for, you’re looking at different options. If you need a baby for your kid, a not-so-premium option is often a good choice since kids do break things more often. If you’re looking for a professional gadget for your nursing classes or a therapy session, you may want to invest a bit more.

Each baby is different and buying them is often a hit or miss game, but you can spend some time investigating these options and you’ll surely find one that fits you. Keep in mind that all of the info is always in the description and it’s a good idea to read all of it!

Good luck with your shopping spree of baby dolls that look real!