Best Baby Doll Dress – Buying Guide

Baby Doll Dress

Barbie doll dress – Buying Guide and Reviews

There are lots and lots of types of baby doll dress, you can find one for every occasion: summer dresses, winter ones, long dresses and short dresses…

Intro – Why let your child play with baby dolls?

In this modern era, some parents have trouble with making their kids play with regular toys. The digital gadgets that are around us often attract them more and therefore your child will never get to truly experience a childhood.

The kid will possibly get better at communication and understanding what responsibility is

However, there are certain toys that every kid likes and they will easily switch it for a phone, especially if you are presenting the toy in a positive manner. One of those toys is a baby doll: both boys and girls love to play with them because they are developing certain „parenting“ feelings that make them feel in charge, make them feel good.

Your kid will develop imagination when they play with a doll. They’ll develop empathy, which is very important in these early stages since our brain is developing at a very rapid speed. The kid will possibly get better at communication and understanding what responsibility is, especially if they get a smart doll that can „let them know“ what’s wrong.

What is a smart doll?

Technology is advancing a lot and it’s giving a new taste to some old cookies. Baby dolls are interesting and even without much technology, they can provide a kid with a very fun learning experience. However, as we said, many kids are not that into real toys now, and that’s why a smart doll can be very useful: it seems more attractive and cool to kids.

A smart doll essentially looks like any other doll and the difference lies on the inside. The baby doll has some mechanisms that make it seem more real as if it was really alive. We’re talking about real reactions and actions that don’t need to be „started“ by the kid.

Some of the things a smart doll can do:

1. Talk – The smart doll can often babble a bit and pronounce a few simple words. This gives the child a much stronger sense of communication and they’ll feel as if they have a duty or a job, they need to play with it and take care of it.

2. Movements – Even small movements can be noticed by a child that’s playing with a toy. These dolls usually move their fingers, lips and other smaller parts, but you can also find some heavy-duty dolls that can move their whole arms as well.

3. Controlled peeing and pooping – While it really does not sound glorious at all, smart dolls will teach your child that a baby needs to be fed both with a bottle and some food and that it also needs to get its diaper changed every once in a while. The child will become less „bothered“ and „sensitive“ to body fluids and similar things, which can often help them potty train and get rid of diapers as well.

4. Learning about the world – Some dolls are created to be supported in a specific area of the child’s life: there are dolls that „need to go to the doctor“ and make the kids less afraid of medical staff, there are dolls that „need to be potty trained“ and shed some light on this new aspect of the kid’s life, there are dolls which need to be dressed, need to go to school and more.

All in all, they can be a great support for kids and therefore are often used by therapists as well.

Why are accessories important?

Okay, dolls can be useful and they’re a classic toy that every child loves, but why should we pay so much attention to accessories? Well, if we don’t, the whole game may seem a little bit „mechanical“ or „forced“.

The child loves to see something that it can relate with. If the kid changes clothes a few time a day, the doll probably should as well. A plain doll may sometimes seem a bit boring and monotone to kids, and they likely won’t keep up with it for a longer period of time because of this.

You can get many types of accessories: from furniture to clothes, including hats, scarfs, jewelry, glasses, tops, coats, bottoms, underwear, pajamas, socks, shoes, and more! You can also get themed accessories like those made for rainy days, Halloween and Christmas!

This will bring some diversity into the game and it will make the doll much more real because it isn’t just a toy, it’s a friend, it coexists with the child.

Some of the most popular accessories you can get on the Internet are sure dresses. There are lots and lots of types and you can find one for every occasion: summer dresses, winter ones, long dresses and short dresses, Halloween and Christmas editions, ball gowns and prom dresses. It’s up to you to find the one that your kid will like!

Our top picks for baby doll dresses

Getting a baby doll dress may be frustrating because you have to pay attention to many things, which we’ll discuss later in the text, but it can also be a lot of fun so don’t look at it as if it’s a horrible chore only! We’ll show you our picks for the cutes baby doll dresses online and then we’ll talk about some advice.

1. Sophia’s 15 Inch Baby Doll Dress, Perfect for Christening, Baptism, Communion

We’re starting this list off with a dress that’s very suitable for religious occasions, specifically if the child would like to play „baptism“ with the doll. The dress is made from high-quality materials and is very detailed: it looks pretty fancy because of the lace.

The dress is made to fit 15-inch baby dolls and it’s a set made from the dress and the bonnet. It was initially marketed both for American Girl dolls and for other ones of similar dimensions. It’s made from satin, lace and it’s decorated with bows and pearls.

The set is packaged in clear plastic and you could also fit a bit smaller dolls in the outfit.

2. Sophia’s 15 Inch Baby Doll Special Occasion Dress Yellow Toned Ivory and Gold dress

Next on the list is this dress and a pair of ballet shoes made for special occasions! If you’re attending a fancy event and you want to help your kid feel comfortable with bringing their doll along, this would be a perfect choice.

It’s a very quiet champagne color dress with a sequin top and a soft bottom. It’s made for 15 Inch doll, but will probably fit a bit smaller ones as well! The satin skirt is made of high-quality material and you’re also getting little satin dress shoes that go along with the dress.

If you’ve got a smaller doll, make sure to put a tissue on the front of the shoes and you’re good to go.

3. BOBO Clothes Set of 6 For 12-14-16 Inch Alive Lovely Baby Doll Clothes

Now we’ll be talking about a set that includes 4 dresses and two onesies as well. We’ll focus on the dresses, but we have to accentuate that this set is very cheap and you’re basically paying a few dollars per piece of clothing.

Barby doll dress

The dresses included are a purple one with a matching striped blazer, a lovely blue one with ruffled sleeves and a floral pattern, and a simple pink one with short sleeves and a heart pattern going on at the bottom.

The kids can use the clothes with ease since they only have to manage velcro and elastics, not only buttons that can be complicated to use.

The only problematic thing about the set is that it’s marketed for dolls between 12 and 16 inches, which is quite a difference in size and will depend on the doll’s arms and chest size in the end.

4. BBWW Set of 6 Handmade Lovely Baby Doll Clothes Dress Outfits Costumes for 14-15-16 Inch

We’re looking at another set by the same manufacturer now, but it’s mostly dresses. You’re getting 5 pieces and a jumpsuit for a fair price and they are all designed for dolls between 14 and 16 inches. Some of the materials are stretchy, but some are not, so you’ll have to consider your doll’s arm size.

The dresses included are a playful orange+white dress with rose details and interesting patterns, a fun star-patterned red dress with a collar, a stylish blue one with fun geometrical patterns, a cute sweater dress inspired by Ivy League colleges…

The dresses use velcro which is low maintenance and suitable for even the very young.

5. JING SHOW BUSINESS Pack of 6 Fit 12 Inch Alive Baby Doll Gown Dress Clothes Fashionista

Again, we’re talking about a set and this time it’s an even cheaper one. It’s a set of 5 dresses and all of those are made of carefully selected fabrics. They are completely safe for the kids and include velcros to help them out with easy use.

The materials dry very quickly so you can also wash the clothes. It fits all 12-inch dolls although it was primarily made for the American Girl dolls and the Cabbage Patch dolls.

There is a rosy dress with small circular motives and a collar, a pink dress with white sleeves and some flowery details, a yellow dress with a white skirt and a blue bow, a salmon dress with fancy bows, a checkered dress perfect for a picnic.

6. ZITA ELEMENT 5 Sets Baby Doll Clothes Mix Dress Biki Swimsuits Jumpsuit for 15 Inch to 16 Inch

This set is a very fancy one and is the closest to the real deal, but it includes many different pieces. We will focus on the two dresses in the set today just because they are perfect for certain occasions: the first one for a summery picnic and the second one for 4th of July!

The dresses are made for 15-inch dolls or 16-inch dolls and are of enviable quality. With the American Flag dress that’s also decorated with a bow, you’re getting a pair of starred underwear for the doll as well.

7. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Liberty Dress & Sandals Baby Doll Clothes for 15“ Dolls

Moving on, we’re looking at a something a bit different. This is a very high-quality dress from the Stella collection and it’s a white dress with some carefully embroidered blue and red details. You also get a pair of beautiful red slippers.

The velcro closure is very easy to use, and you’re getting the dress on a hanger in a little package that will surely come in handy. The dress suits 15-inch dolls and you can stuff a bit of tissue in the shoes if you feel like they’ll come off.


8. Bigjigs Toys Lilac Rag Doll Dress and Cardigan for 13“ Bigjigs Toys Soft Doll

Now we’re focusing on a very cute dress with a matching cardigan and the whole set looks as if it was crotcheted by your grandma! It has that very cute homemade vibe: both the white dress with floral and dotted lilac texture and the crotcheted cardigan with cute animal and flower patches.

It’s suitable for all kids over 2 years old and works best for Bigjigs 13“ dolls, but can surely be used with other dolls of similar dimensions as well.

9. Huang Cheng Toys for 14-15 Inch Alive Lovely Baby Doll Reborn Newborn Clothes

This set is actually a very useful one since it comes with a dress and other accessories that go with it, not just a bunch of outfits that don’t work with each other.

The dress is a very cute one: it combines yellow and pink, along with some interesting patterns and you’re also getting a cute pair of shoes, an adorable headband, a cute hat for the cold days and a lovely little bag.

It’s fit for any 14 to 15-inch dolls, and can also work on plush ones as well, you just have to make it work.

10. Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Play Date 12“

This baby doll dress is the last one on our list, but it’s certainly not the least popular one. It’s another very high-quality handmade-looking dress that fits all 12“ dolls but will work best with Stella dolls.

It’s a white dress with floral accents and a bow going across the chest. You also get really cute little shoes in the set, and you can work with velcro closures on all of these pieces.

Advice when buying a baby doll dress

We’re going to give you a few good pieces of advice on buying baby doll dresses since we think that online shopping can often be deceiving. We’ll tell you what to focus on and you will have an easier time to choose.

  1. Size – It’s important that you know the dimensions of your doll because you can spend all the money in the world on cute clothes and still not be able to use it. Some sizes can work on multiple doll sizes and it all comes down to the clothes that you’re buying, but make sure that you know if your doll has any weak spots: big hands or a wide chest. Also, make sure there is an opening on the clothes so you can put it over the doll’s head.

  2. Material – When you’re looking at the pictures of doll clothes, it’s very important to zoom in as close as possible and check out the fabric the clothes is made off. Try to avoid the plastic-looking fabrics like nylon and polyester and go for those handmade types of fabrics like cotton, wool, and satin.

  3. Price – While it’s good to check out whether someone is ripping you off or not, it’s not bad to invest into a  better piece. What we’re suggesting is that you go for the sets of the middle price range, as the cheap ones often offer just cheap fabrics that break easily.

  4. Ease of use – Velcros are your best friends from now on. Kids never have a hard time with these and you don’t need too advanced motoric skills like you need with buttons. You also can’t pinch yourself like you can with a zipper.


Now that you know everything there is to know about doll dresses, you can go ahead and search for those online. Make sure to compare prices, find the perfect choice for you and maybe pay a bit more attention to smaller shops that create handmade clothing.

It’s also not bad to find some specific clothes for occasions, but for a start, it’s useful to get some sets that will help your kid have something to change the doll in. Make sure to check the size, the fabric and whether the piece can be put over the doll’s head, because those are the only real concerns that you have, others are only personal preferences.

Good luck with the buying process and remember to read whole descriptions and possible reviews before you’re buying anything from the Internet.