Reborn Toddler Dolls-Buying Guide and Review

Reborn Toddler Dolls

Reborn Toddler dolls

Today, we are going to talk about reborn toddler dolls. We will give you some buying avices and write reviews.

Play is a crucial aspect of a child’s growth and development. It teaches them social and emotional intelligence. They get to grow physically, mentally and learn how to associate with others. There are many play tools for parents to buy their children, including dolls. The market offers a wide range of products to consider buying.

As you research and browse through different pages online, you might come across Reborn toddler dolls. It is a credible brand offering multiple dolls to select. The dolls are handmade, high quality, and made from safe materials for your little one and the environment. They help boost creativity and teach your kids dress-up skills and aesthetics besides offering companion.

Reborn Toddler Dolls – Buying Guide

Before we review some of the dolls that Reborn provides, let us look at a quick buying guide. Some of the factors to keep in mind when shopping for dolls are size, material, adjustability, and clothing.

The size of a doll you purchase depends on you. If your kid is asking for a big one, then buy her one. Besides, you can make a lucky guess of what might impress her if she has not said anything about needing a doll.

The second and most important factor to remember is material. Go for a toy consisting of safe materials, which do not cause any harm to your child or the environment. The last thing you need is your precious baby playing with a doll that could affect her health or cause environmental problems.

Remember to check whether the doll parts are adjustable. This way, your child will have an easy time manipulating its posture for a more engaging playtime. It would also be prudent to buy a product that comes with doll clothes. Your baby can start playing right away before you can find more clothes for the toy.

That being said, below is a review of four Reborn toddler dolls to consider purchasing.

Pinky Baby Girl Doll – 24 inch

When you first look at Pinky, your eyes may mistake it for a real baby girl. The 24-inch adorable doll looks lifelike starting with the hair, cute clothes and shoes. It is a wonderful gift with a soft touch thanks to the material the designers use. The arms, head, and legs are made of soft-simulation silicone vinyl while the body is cloth-filed with cotton. For the eyes, the company uses superior Taiwan acrylic, and they do not blink or close. That is not all. The hair is quality mohair, which you can wash and style. Pinky comes with doll clothes.

It consists of safe, non-toxic components for the well-being of your child and environment protection. You can have the doll in a limping, sitting, or lying position, but it cannot stand on its own. It comes with an outfit too. However, your child should not bath the item, but dressing it up is okay. Weighing 3.3lbs only, it is lightweight enough for your child to carry comfortably for a while.

Pursebaby 24’’ Valentina Doll

When you settle for Pursebaby, you are buying a doll with long brown hair, brown eyes and lashes, a checkered dress, a pair of hair ropes, shoes, socks, a black jacket, and pantaloons. It is a real-looking play tool weighing 2.8 lbs and made of tested, non-toxic materials. It has a soft cotton body and vinyl limbs.

Valentina is an excellent cuddle doll considering its big size; it looks like a 2-year old kid. The arms and legs are movable, and the doll can sit on its own if the limbs are set up properly. However, you can wash, comb, and condition the hair to make it look as stunning as the doll and the clothes.

iCradle Lovely Doll – 18 inch

If you are looking for a Reborn toddler doll with a dimension lower than 24 inches, iCradle is a good example. It consists of soft silicone vinyl besides being hand painted. The design keeps in mid precision when making this newborn doll. The chubby face, clear eyes, hand-drawn nails, and lifelike skin make iCradle beautiful.

The heads, arms, and legs consist of silicone vinyl material. Like the other Reborn dolls, this make is non-toxic too thus safe for children and the surrounding. Its body is cloth filled while the eyes are Taiwan acrylic, and they do not close or blink. The doll comes with clothes, socks, and a milk bottle to make the experience more real.

Our top pick

Yesteria Reborn Doll

What makes Yesteria our top pick doll? For starters, the clothes it comes with are eye-catching. The green dress, pink hairband, and belt make the doll an attractive piece, plus the real looking face is something to marvel about. On size, this is a 24-inch doll-like Reborn’s Pursebaby and Pinky models.

You can wash the hair, comb, or even cut it if you like to give the toy a new look for a change. With a weight of 3.3lbs, this is a light item for your kid, and it has a soft vinyl and cloth body. The eyes look great.

Yesteria adheres to safety EN71 and ASTM F963 standards to ensure that buyers get high quality dolls with safe fabric, printing, and dyeing. The doll can sit and lay flat, but it cannot stand or talk. Its fiber hair feels like real human hair while the acrylic eyes do not close or blink.

Final Thought

Reborn toddler dolls are spectacular. They look like a real baby and are available in cuddle sizes. These are marvelous gifts for children and worthwhile purchases for art collectors. Remember, they consist of non-toxic materials, so they do not cause a health hazard nor affect the environment.

As mentioned in the introductory part, Reborn dolls are handcrafted, hand-painted, and come with hand-sewn clothes. The body is a cotton filled while the arms, legs, and head are silicone vinyl. Any child of 3 years and above should find these dolls to be amazing play tools.

The four products we have discussed are all worth buying, whether it is the 24-inch models Yesteria, Pursebaby, and Pinky or the 18-inch type iCradle. The downside that customers mention is that the dolls cannot sit without support. Nevertheless, they are marvelous products.