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Baby Alive Smart Dolls

Smart Doll is very popular toy nowadays, and it certainly has its own justified reason.

Through this article, we will introduce you with the smart dolls, the way they function, and all the other essential things that you need to know before you buy your favorite Smart Doll!

One may think the market is already saturated when it comes to toys. You can probably name about a hundred different types of toys right away. However, with the advancement of technology, the toys have advanced as well!
Many parents are trying to keep their children away from their phones and computers and that’s the reason they are ready to invest a some amount of money into their toys. After all, it’s important for the child’s motoric abilities that it doesn’t skip “the toy era”.

Smart Doll in Smart Era

Dolls have always been a favorite among girls (not much in boys) and there hasn’t been a single year when the popular American Dolls, Barbies and The Bratz haven’t sold out like crazy. However, new times have come (as we have already stated) and it’s the era of Baby Alive.

Baby Alive is a company that creates phenomenal, realistic smart dolls that have many functions which mimic real babies. They have a whole working system in them and can be fed, can poop and pee and the more expensive models can do even more.

We’re not going to reveal all of the functions now since we’ll talk about that later, but now that you know the main idea, we can move on to more details.

Baby Alive – The Concept

You have probably seen Baby Alive on Amazon, in Walmart or in Target, but the company has not always been so well known. Actually, when they first started out in the 1970s, people found the concept very controversial.
In earlier days, babies had only a few accessories which included food, diapers, and a few feeding utilities.
They were battery powered and they could chew, drink and poop as well!
Later they became much more efficient: they started to swallow without you moving them vertically.
They are now using a potty and inside of them are many sensors telling you whether the smart doll needs to go poop or not.

Many didn’t enjoy their deep voices and therefore these were changed into a more childish sound that is well received nowadays.
You can get many many accessories for the dolls nowadays and these include clothes, furniture, toys and many more. It’s interesting to see how this brand grew!

The Two Types of Smart Dolls – Newborns and Toddlers

As the company grew, they decided to create a few different types of dolls and the two that „survived” the elimination process that happened through the years were the newborn dolls and the speaking toddler dolls. Each of these also has subcategories.
We won’t be able to present every smart doll the company has in this article, but we do want to inform you on them so you can possibly check them out for yourself if you won’t be to keen on our picks!

The Newborn Dolls

  1. Sip ‘N Slurp is a little baby that drinks when her stomach is under pressure and she immediately pees. She drinks from a straw, hence the name, but is also made as a birthday girl since she can blow
    out candles as well!
  2. Wets ‘N Wiggles can be both male and female and you’ll know all about his/her needs when it starts to cry and move around a bit. This doll does not have a motoric sound function (no speaking, she/he just cries), but kids can still feed it and interact with it normally.
  3. Pat ‘N Burp is a type of a smart doll that has a bottle. She can drink from it and can’t use other accessories, and then you need to squeeze her a bit to notice that she creates a little burping sound.
    What’s fantastic about this toy, in particular, is that it came in many many different skin and eye colors and it is therefore inclusive.
  4. The Sip ‘N Snooze baby is a really lovely one, but it loves to sleep most of the time. You feed her and you need to rock her a little bit (or maybe hold her) and she will fall asleep. This baby doesn’t come in many colors, though, she is blonde or brunette, up to you.

The speaking Toddler dolls

  1. Baby Alive Learns to Potty. This version of the doll was probably the most famous one that the company has created. This doll needs to be fed and then it lets you know when it needs to go potty. It literally says something like “Hurry, please!” so your child will be able to connect to it by speaking.
    If the smart doll doesn’t make it to the potty, it poops and pees in the diaper. She will apologizes as well because it knows you’re teaching her. The mechanism inside of this doll is very interesting and almost seems like AI. She is getting better at potty while you’re teaching her. She can also sing!
  2. Baby Alive Baby’s New Teeth. This doll will introduce the issue of teething to your kid. It has several specific functions that are supposed to be connected to this important event: she has a chew toy, her tongue can be pressed so her new teeth show, she will drink and then pee, but also has a toothbrush so you can clean her new teeth. This is important for children’s habits!
  3. Baby Alive Soft Face 2006 Doll. You feed her with a specific mixture of a food powder and water and you can help her drink as well. This is a typical drink-pee, eat-poo type of a smart doll without any extra functions so it wasn’t actually very popular.
  4. Baby Alive Better Now Baby. Once again, this is a doll with a very specific cause: to teach children about illnesses. This doll needs your help to become healthy again so you need to help her drink (so she can pee) and you need to give her medicine as well.
  5. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye. This is a regular doll with a papoose, which means that you can go around with her as well. No extra functions.
  6. Baby All Gone is almost like a magician! You feed her with toy bananas on a special spoon made of magnets and then the banana disappears. This smart doll doesn’t pee or poo because none of the food or the drink get into her, it’s just an optical illusion. Later, in 2017, there have been models with the peeing feature.
  7. My Baby Alive. This is actually the real deal, the most popular model. The doll eats powdered doll food (you have to combine it with water) and drinks from her toy bottle. She can make sounds, we herself, poo and can also let you know when she did it. This doll comes in many skin colors and eye colors, as well as hairstyles.
  8. My Baby Alive. This is actually the real deal, the most popular model. The doll eats powdered doll food (you have to combine it with water) and drinks from her toy bottle. She can make sounds, we herself, poo and can also let you know when she did it. This doll comes in many skin colors and eye colors, as well as hairstyles.

Why should you invest in a Baby Alive doll?

While many people find these smart dolls controversial, it’s actually a product that has been around for a while and it was very popular even back in the day! Some parents think that their children are benefiting from the playing experience. On the other hand, some don’t feel like it is good for children to be close to dolls because it can end up as a bonding experience.
We’re bringing you our top 5 reasons why a Baby Alive doll is a great choice for your kid!

Top 5 reasons why a Smart Doll is a great choice for your kid

  1. There is so many to choose from! You can get any type of doll you want and they are divided into categories by your budget, which means that anyone can get one. Depending on your kid’s interests, you may want to get a doll with some personalized accessories as well. This way the playing experience will feel more special.
  2. Your kids are learning responsibilities. If you give them an interactive toy, they will surely care about it enough to make sure it „feels well“. This means that your kid will act as if it is a real baby and will take the new job very seriously! Many parents have stated that this helped their daughter/son to be more efficient in school as well!
  3. They are developing empathy. Children have a much greater range of emotions than we do when they’re small and it’s important that they continue to widen that specter. Because they act as if the smart doll is real, they will treat it nicely and will make sure it feels okay. Since the doll gives feedback and responses, the kid will feel like it is both-sided.
  4. Your kid will be developing a big imagination. Many think that it’s very weird when a child talks to a doll (basically talks to itself), but others don’t agree. We have all had imaginary friends when growing up and the doll makes the whole thing much more acceptable. The kid will soon develop a whole story regarding the doll and you’ll notice how it positively impacts the child’s abilities to write and draw as well.
  5. Great for introverted kids or those who struggle to make friends. Some kids are naturally introverted, some don’t have the right conversing techniques. That’s completely fine and they will (mostly) develop some later in life, but it’s good for them to feel as if they have someone with them right now. They will probably learn to act more natural around people as well because the doll has a real-life like looks.

Our top 5 choices of Baby Alive dolls

We will now present you with 5 different Baby Alive smart dolls that will surely catch your eye aswell!

They are all a bit different in their own way and we wanted to cover both budget options and premium ones! Stay tuned until the end and we’ll give you some buying advice!

1. Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby

We’re starting right away with a premium option and this is probably the most high-tech one out there.
This baby has over 80 face expressions that will make your kid feel as if the baby is completely real! It can create many different sounds: giggle, babble, chat and many more!
When you call her name, she will turn her head. You can rock her to sleep and tickle her as well so she makes laughing noises!

The sounds she produces have been recorded by a real baby so you’re not getting those manufactured, weird, high-pitch noises.

When you feed her and when you give her a drink, she will also create noises that sound like regular munching. The bottle is included in the packaging and it matches the baby’s outfit as well!

The outfit, the hat, the bib, the pacifier, and the little fluffy blanket are also included in the package! The milk bottle is made to look like „disappearing milk”, which is just an optical illusion.

The baby will let the kid know when she/he is hungry because she/he will start to moan a little bit. Don’t forget to pat her on the back for the burping sensation the baby loves!

If they help her put her hand to her mouth, she will blow kisses as well!

This boy is for children of all genders and it is ideal for those who are over 3 years. Because of the many reactions your child/grandchild will discover when playing with it, there will always be a factor of surprise.

A great feature this toy has is that it produces sounds when it is falling asleep so your kid will feel as if they are going to have a nap time together! The baby comes with batteries and when you’re changing them, she will cry a little because she is bothered!

2. Baby Alive Snackin’ Treats Baby

The next doll we’re talking about is more of a budget option, but still isn’t the cheapest one Baby Alive has created.

This toy, just like all Baby Alive toys, is made for both genders and it usually advised for kids that are three or older. However, you shouldn’t really worry if the kid is younger than that!

Feeding her, changing her diapers and giving her a drink are just some of the regular duties you will have to do but don’t forget that you’re also going to comb her hair and play with the accessories she has been given.

This little girl comes with an oven and you can pretend that you are baking all of her favorite dishes! The oven even has a timer and you’ll know when your food is ready! Don’t be surprised when the doll poops after eating, she also needs some special care and you’ll need to change her diaper!

Her arms and legs can be moved so you can change her outfit as well! With her you’re getting some baking supplies, reusable treats to feed her with, a diaper, and some instructions if you get a bit lost.

Don’t forget to give her hugs and kisses as well! We know she focuses a lot on her hobbies, but she likes to be loved as well!

This baby needs batteries as well, so make sure that you buy them! Also a secret tip: you have to make the food really watery so she can eat it, and the bits need to be small as well, otherwise she won’t be able to poop!

3. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye

Once again, we’re talking about a more pricey model, but still not as pricey as the premium dolls. The famous Baby Go Bye Bye model was a huge hit back in the day because this was one of the first babies that moved on their own!

This little girl can crawl wherever she wants and can also produce various sounds when she is tickled, rattled and so on. You will notice that she can also speak, but you’ll need to investigate more about when and where by yourself!

If you talk to her, she will make sure to babble back a few words in English or Spanish back to you!

She can drink from the bottle and wet her diaper as well, so you’ll learn how to change diapers besides brushing her hair and playing with the accessories you’re getting: a pacifier, a brush and a carrier as well!

Bringing the doll along has never been easier because of the little rucksack-like accessory that you can put on your belly!

The doll requires four 1.5 AA Alkaline Batteries and although you get the first few with the doll, make sure to buy some additional ones because you don’t want your kid to get sad when the doll stops crawling!

4. Baby Alive So Many Styles Baby

This little doll will be a perfect choice for any fashion lover because she comes with many many beautiful accessories! You can switch up her hairstyles and her outfits often, which is a great chance for the kid to develop a fashion sense as well!

The smart doll is made for kids of three years and up, but it can be used by anyone who has enough motor skills to hold a doll and understand the concept of caring about it.

This doll does not eat, so make sure you get another one if that’s what you’re looking for. But because of the fact she doesn’t eat, she also doesn’t make a lot of mess.

She, just like all Baby Alive models, drinks and wets her diaper! You can dress her according to the season as well because you’ll get both boots and sandals, coats and skirts! Take her with you and you can be style twins! Don’t forget to give her a diaper under all of those fashion pieces as well, because she needs to pee just like all of us!
In the pack, you’re getting 16 stick-ons that help you personalize each outfit so both you and the doll don’t get too bored with the looks! The glasses and the comb are also included, so you can change her hairstyle as well.

5. Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Girl

This doll is perfect for those kids who would really like to experience what being a mother is like. They will get to feed the doll with a spoon because the powdered doll food will be combined with water and will be digestible for the toy.

Your child can also give the doll water so she can pee (and also poo from the food). Changing a diaper will soon become a really interesting and easy process. But, at the start, you’ll maybe need to help the kid at first.

You can comb the doll’s hair and play with it as well, so it’s not all about „the feeding“. Don’t forget to give her a hug and a kiss every once in a while!

The cute blender you’re getting will surely make your kid feel like a chef as well! It’s just a really fun process combining both cooking and playing with a doll.

You will have to re-buy diapers as well, which is a bit annoying. Many parents say that their kid eventually got a potty for the doll to save cash as well!

Special advice when you’re buying a doll

Of course, there are always hidden tips and tricks you can hear from various buyers. We have gathered many of them to help you get the most out of the doll!

1- The doll’s accessories don’t have to be branded. Many people were sad to hear that there wasn’t a huge amount of extra clothes or diapers they can use with their doll. They were very disappointed so they ended up not buying the doll or just throwing it away.
However, there are people that use regular baby accessories as well so they save up some cash and go for regular mini diapers or just baby clothes they find at Target or Walmart. Don’t forget to be creative and use some of your children’s ex clothes or toys. Anything goes, really.

2. Get a hold of your kid’s interests. Some children actually get really annoyed when they see that their doll needs to be taken care of a lot (changing diapers, etc). Make sure to ask them what would suit them.

3. Personalize the doll after getting it. You can always change her hairstyle. Paint her nails and do many more things that will help your kid bond with it. However, some of these things are irreversible, so you’ll have to make sure that they won’t change their mind.


Smart doll are very popular for a clear reason: they help your kids develop motoric skills and are a great choice both for boys and girls. Many benefits come with them and their price is pretty good for the quality that you’re getting.

Make sure to communicate with your kid and see what she/he wants! Make sure you have extra batteries on you because most of these need batteries. You never know are the ones in the doll working.

The accessories can be found on the Internet. Make sure to follow sales because they can end up being pricey. On the other hand, you can always be creative and use/make your own with your kid!
Encouraging your child to play with a doll will help with empathy, conversing skills and many more. We’re hoping you’ll get the doll your child will love!


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