Smart Dolls Clothes – Buying Guide & Review


About Smart Dolls Clothes !

Are you selective enough while buying a smart doll? It is a bit difficult and exhausting to research different types of smart dolls and chooses the desired one. But once you get it, your kids love to play with the dolls. Your child may require smart doll clothes to dress her up according to different occasions. 

Whenever we purchase a doll, we get some accessories along with it. The extra items can be a makeup kit, a hairbrush, clothes, scissors, a pair of shoes, etc., but it may not match your requirements. A doll may need some extra clothes and accessories.

 In the
following write-up, we will discuss some of the outfits for smart dolls. Such
clothes can be used to dress up your doll on different weather, dress codes,
and occasions. Changing the outfits can bring a drastic change in your doll.
Your kid will love the smart doll even more. 

What are the best tips for purchasing smart dolls clothes in 2020 ?

  1. Prefer Cotton Over Polyester: Cotton clothes are more durable, easy to fit, and suitable in all occasions. If you want something glamorous and shiny, then you can prefer polyester.
  2. Give Priority to Hand Made Clothes : : If you are looking for different dresses for your smart doll, then give priority to hand-made clothes.  Such outfits can bring the original look of the human dress on your lovely doll.
  3. Do not go for Cheap Clothes : It is a fact that nobody prefers to buy expensive clothes for their dolls. You can buy less expensive clothes instead of cheap ones. The low and cheap-quality clothes make your doll look cheap. You have already invested a lot in purchasing a smart doll. You must dress up your doll in high-quality and less expensive clothes.
  4. Be Creative while purchasing doll clothes: You purchase smart dolls to make your kids happy. Different colorful outfits will impress your kid and boosts his interest in playing with it.
  5. Be Careful about the Size of your doll while purchasing clothes for her: Many shopping or e-commerce sites provide a return policy if clothes don’t fit in your doll’s body. It takes a lot of time to get back the correct size. It is better to pick the dresses with the right size for your doll. Make sure that you check the descriptions very carefully.

Top Smart Doll Clothes in 2020

Let us check out some of the best clothes available :

1. Beautiful Light Pink Cloth Set

If you want to dress up your doll for a special occasion, then you must consider this lace dress. It is a perfect option for your beautiful doll! It is available in light pink, but it looks stunning. It includes a decorative cap and a pair of fancy sleepers that will make her more attractive and gorgeous

2. SM SunniMix 1/3 BJD Smart Doll Clothes

If you are looking for the descent, and soft clothes for summer, then you can prefer this outfit. It will be torture if your doll wears long pants in summers. Instead, you can dress her up with shorts that make your doll move freely. It is a light-headed costume, which is suitable for the hot temperature.

3. SM SunniMix 1/3 BJD Embroidery Flowers Dress

A doll’s birthday cannot go unnoticed, and neither can call big parties !

It is a party dress that can be worn at birthday parties, celebrations, etc. You can buy a dress for your doll on its birthday. If you love to dress up your doll in a fancy costume on special occasions, then it is a perfect choice. This luxurious embroidered dress will surely make her the center of attention. It is a high-quality dress that can easily fit any doll. The sleeves are detached to dress up your doll in two ways.

4. Lori Doll Close to Nature Outfit

It is a very earth-toned set that your doll can wear on any occasion. It is a perfect choice when you are going for a walk with your doll in the autumn or winter season. It includes a vest, a hat, a pair of shoes, and the skirt. It is a perfect casual combination.

5. Ebuddy Magic School Uniform

If you or your doll likes magic, then you can get this magician uniform. You both can become wizards with this cool costume. It is made for 18-inch dolls but can also fit a bit large dolls. The complete set includes a shirt, a skirt, a big jumper, a tie, a few pairs of socks, a magic cloak, and some pair of fancy shoes. You will also get a magic wand along with clothes. Now, you and your doll can be twins for Halloween!

6. SM SunniMix 1/3 Clothes Bare Shoulder Top Shorts

If the climate is hot or if the spring is about to begin, then it is a perfect choice. It is better to dress up your doll with these clothes instead of random old outfits. It is an unusual combination of a bare-shoulder top, cute denim shorts, and a beautiful pair of white shoes. It looks quite simple, but chic!

7. ARTST Doll Clothes, 12 inch Baby Doll set

If you are searching for a budgeted option along with good quality, then these outfits are perfect. These clothes are made for 12-inch dolls. These outfits are available in various colors like pink, white, and blue. The attached Velcro will make the job easier for your kids to put the clothes on and off as well.

8. Baby Alive Mix N’ Match Outfit Set

Are you looking for a natural or regular basis clothes? Then these Baby Alive sets are perfect for you. They are simple, high-quality, and made to be mixed in different combinations


There is a variety of doll clothes available in the market. It is hard to get the desired quality, quantity, and accessories along with it. You must purchase good-quality clothes than cheaper ones.  

It is suggested to choose quality over quantity. The above article consists of amazing and comfortable clothes for your smart dolls. Your kids will enjoy dressing up their dolls according to different occasions. Low-quality outfits will tear soon and disappoint your kid. It is better to pay a quality product and use it for years. 

Make sure that you buy dresses with the right dimensions for your smart dolls. Look for the choice that your kid needs from the clothes than what the doll needs.