[TOP 7] Barbie Doll House – buying guide and review

barbie doll house

Barbie Doll house

Through this article we will introduce you with barbie doll house products. We will write some reviews, give you buying tips and give you all infomartions you need to know before buying a barbie doll house!

INTRO – What is a Barbie doll?

Barbie dolls. Ah, they have been encountered by absolutely everyone at some point. Whether you had a barbie doll or you just spent some time watching Barbie cartoons, we all know of this Mattel saga that started in 1959.

The creator of the Barbie doll is Ruth Handler (who called the doll by her daughter’s name) who made it for her kid to play. At that time, there were only big baby dolls on the market, and she thought that some other doll should now come to play.

The first Barbie doll created origins from Japan and it had a cute ponytail as well as a black and white bathing suit. They came in blonde and brunette as well. There have been billions of these sold around the world and lately, we have seen some more diverse Barbie’s sold.

There are plus size barbies, barbies of all races and heights, barbies of all careers… We also know that her famous boyfriend Ken now comes in more editions as well!

You can now buy all sorts of universal clothes for Barbie’s and you can also get some furniture, a home and much more!

Should dolls have a house?

Many people buy their kids a doll, that’s true, but should you get the doll a house as well? Is that too much? If you’re debating this for some reason, let us help you with that decision.

When a doll has a house, it feels more natural to the child, especially because they feel a responsibility to give it the best care possible. They want to make them experience all of the things they personally have and that’s why getting a house may be a good idea.

The price points can vary a lot and you can get one for just 30$, while there are very big and high-quality ones that go up o 300$. Money is no excuse because you can always get a cheap version!

What kind of barbie doll houses are there?

We will let you know the basic variables you need to take into account when you’re buying a dollhouse. It’s good to say this now because you can create a rough idea of what you’re looking for. It would also be nice if you talked a bit to your kid: they will let you know what ideas they have.

  1. Price.

As we said, there are many price points to a dollhouse and that’s why you need to create a budget. We won’t suggest a number because that seems intrusive, but we suggest you check out the examples in the next few paragraphs and see which models speak to you the best. Form your budget with those thoughts in mind.

  • Size.

If you have an idea of where you want to put the house, you should make sure that the toy fits the dimensions. If you have no idea or no space that you have thought would make a good spot, then just make sure that the dimensions of the toy are proper for the age of your child.

It’s good to make sure that the child does not feel intimidated with the toy because otherwise they won’t play with it then.

  • Functions.

Are you looking for a furnished house or just a frame that you’ll use to put in the furniture that you can buy piece by piece? Maybe you want to create the furniture yourself and you’re just looking for a little place to put it in.

  • Special occasions.

If you’re looking for a special kind of barbie doll house, maybe a hospital or a cinema, you can make sure that you get one of those. They are great for your child to get familiar with different areas of life and find those things that they feel like maybe interesting for them.

The best way to find out all of the cool features you can get in dollhouses, and get to know how to get the best bang for your buck, is to check out all of the possible options out there. That way you’ll know what price points go with which features and you also cannot get ripped off.

Our top picks for barbie doll house

Our top pick

Barbie DreamHouse

If you’re looking for an ultimate house that is surely going to be the right pick even for beginners, this is a phenomenal 3 x 4 feet house featuring 3 stories and 8 rooms! The best thing about it is that you get to play with all 360° of it since it has been decorated from all sides.

The dream house has an elevator, a home office, a pool, a slide, some appliances with sounds and effects. There are little lights that have sensors and you can also personalize the home in terms of creating a bunk bed, a fireplace, a barbecue and more.

There are 70 pieces all together and you can role play as Barbie or any of her friends. The house is in a pink + purple + white color scheme and therefore is more suitable for girls, but can also be great for boys!

Barbie Doll House Playset, Multicolor

Now we’re looking at a much smaller, much more portable version of Barbie’s home that’s perfect for traveling as well as home play. It’s a combination of outdoor activities, bedroom stuff, kitchen stuff, and even a small bathroom. It’s like a portable home for your doll wherever you go.

You can move the chairs and the table, while the bad can be folded down and up. Once it is folded, it can be carried around with the handle and that’s perfect for daycare as well.

KidKraft 65956 Charlotte Dollhouse

This one is a bit more sturdy than the rest and we’ll explain why. It’s a 14-piece set with 4 levels and 6 rooms. There are also balconies, which is a cute addition to make the experience seem more realistic.

The height of this house id 4 ft and it’s suitable for all 12-inch dolls. The decor is different than in the rest because it seems more comfortable, it’s old-chic kind of interior, not only screaming colors.

You’re getting a nursery, a vintage kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and more… Most of the barbie doll house are made of wood and that helps it last much longer than your average plastic toy.

The only possible downside is that you have to put it together and this can last up to 2 hours, but it can also be a fun process you can do with your kid.

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

The next house we’re looking at has an interior worthy of a teen pop-star! It’s very modern, chic and pink and that’s all you’re looking for! You’re getting an MDF house with 30 furniture pieces that will suit all 12“ dolls!

It’s a pretty large house and you can have two kids playing together as well. The house features a balcony, an elevator, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and more… Some of the items in the home can be interacted with for really nice playtime.

When assembled, it’s 4 feet and feels sturdy. A few hours are needed to set it up, but it’s so big that the regular Barbie car fits in the garage area.

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture

If you’re looking for a very dreamy, princessy looking barbie doll house, this is the one to go for. It’s just a classical, castle-like interior separated in 3 levels, 4 rooms, and a balcony. You have the gliding elevator to make things more fun, and just like with the last few houses, you assemble it yourself.

This house is a detailed one, made out of wood and the construction feels very good. It’s meant for Barbie dolls and other dolls in the 12″ size, but you can go a bit up or a bit down.

This is one of the rare houses that aren’t just pink+purple: it’s actually very colorful! There is a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and more…

KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse

The next dollhouse we’re taking a look at is a bit different from the rest because it has a different intention: it looks like a castle! No, really, we’re not talking only about the interior, there are real towers!

This house has 5 rooms and an open space to play with and they are all made in the vibe of Cinderella. Because of that, you can find a glass slipper in the house! There are gold attic doors, fancy detailing from the cartoon, a lot of cute furniture in Cinderella’s blue color scheme and more!

This house is made for 12“ dolls, which is suitable for Barbie dolls as well.The only tricky thing is the setup. Because of the large dimensions, it can last quite a few hours.

Barbie Pop-Up Camper

Now we’re looking at something that can double as a house and it’s actually a very interesting option. It’s a camper that Barbie can use when she is traveling around and when she’s spending some extra time in nature with her friends.

You can lift the handle of the vehicle to transform it into a house with three stories. The front cab is a bathroom (just a little flipping does the job), the back becomes a fire pit and you can also see the kitchen happening when you open the doors.

The swimming pool is usually at the bottom, but you can pull it out as well and attach the slide from the upper layer in order to create a nice swimming experience for Barbie.

The center room has a hammock for sleeping and you can move the chairs outside so the dolls can eat under the stars.

The mechanism is made of plastic and the fantastic thing about it is that you don’t have to do anything to assemble it: it comes in one piece. The camping trailer is very big and it’s taller than Barbie herself.

What do I do when I get a barbie doll house?

When you pick a dollhouse, you should also keep in mind that you need to take care of it. Depending on your kid’s age, you need to make sure that they know a house needs to be cleaned up every once in a while.

We’ll list a few things that should become a routine in your household, and some of them are just a „one-time “ thing that just makes the house compatible with the kid.

  1. Re-arrange it.

It would be really nice if you could play with your kid once just to make them feel as if playing with the barbie doll house is now a regular thing that they can do on their own whenever they want to. During this time, you can also re-arrange the house a bit and get familiar with the room ad the furniture. This will give the child some motivation to play on their own the next time.

  • Clean it.

Of course, when you get something new, it’s important that it’s safe for your kid. If it’s not, there is no point in believing in the „non-toxic“ label because it could be contaminated anyway. We suggest you make natural DIY cleaners, especially if you have a wooden house.

This will be safe both for your kids and the environment and will make sure that it stays that way.

  • Help the child to get familiar with it.

This one is pretty self-explanatory and it can also be done by a sibling. The main thing you want to do is make the kid feel as if the home is safe for the doll. This is especially needed with younger kids and those who tend to be more sensitive than others.

  • See do you need anything else.

Once you actually see the barbie doll house, you will know if there is anything you have to do about it. You can maybe paint the walls, buy some accessories, change the order of certain things, add some of your finishing touches.

Advice on getting the best barbie doll house

Check the material. You can often get ripped off by buying some houses made of „wood replacement“ boards and stuff like that. Go for plastic or, even better, real wood.

Consult with your kid. Make sure that you know what they want and what they don’t. There’s nothing worse than buying a kid a toy and finding them unsatisfied with what they have. No amount of money could help you with that.

Check is it Barbie-friendly. Although you could mix and match, the regular size of Barbie dolls is 12 inches and the houses that are made for those are usually labeled that way. If you are not sure, skip on the offer. No use of any furniture if it’s too small.

Check all of the pictures. The manufacturer often doesn’t write too many things about the interior, the furniture and stuff like that, just because there would be a million things to talk about. Make sure to check out the pictures and to really analyze them properly if you want to get an idea.

Compare similar houses. This is really important because there can be a lot of models that seem very similar, but they are actually not similar at all. The interior, the pieces of furniture, the overall build quality… Don’t be distracted by the generic pink+purple+white look that these houses have and make sure to give them all a proper look!

Be prepared to assemble it. Assembly of these things does not last too long, but you need to have a few tools by your side in order to put it all together. You can ask someone who is good with small things and likes to decorate to help you out, but it’s not complicated at all and most manufacturers will provide you with a set of instructions so you know what you need to do, and in which order.

Go for environment-friendly if you can. Look for all of the healthy alternatives for your kid. Try to go with wood as the material, with non-toxic paints and natural fabrics… If you feel like something maybe a bit unhealthy, try to DIY it and help your kid stay absolutely safe from all of the toxins they can literally put in their mouth at any point.

Why are dolls important?

Every kid had a doll at least once when they were growing up. Playing with dolls is something that not many kids find useful and therefore dolls are used in therapy as well. There are many benefits and we will go over some of the most famous ones just so you can get an idea of why you should buy a doll for your daughter, but also for your son.

Communication skills.

Because all kids, sooner or later, have to start talking, it’s important that we try to talk with them often as well. When kids play with toys, they often say words randomly or even talk to the toy (or pretend as if they are the toy), and they also have a better sense of what communication is right to do where.

If your kid is shy, try to present them with a few interesting options when it comes to communication. For example, let them know that you can do pretend-play with the dolls and then you can teach the kid some new vocabulary as well. They always learn better through games.

Feeling of responsibility.

 Many kids play pretend games, while some take care of their dolls and they even bring them around. It’s fundamental that all people have a sense of love and empathy in them, but we just need to learn how to show it. It’s crucial that they know what responsibility feels like and they will soon learn that they have to take care of their friends just like they took care of their dolls.

Better imagination.

If you think that your child spends too much time on their phone, maybe you could try to give it another fun thing to do: play. Many kids lose their ability to imagine things and create fun and interesting scenarios in their heads because they are too often just presented with plain scenarios from their phones.

The imagination game is important because it will help your kid in school: that always pays off.

Improved motoric skills.

Well, dolls are often not that big and their accessories can be tiny. If your kid is big enough for you not to be bothered by that, you should know that they will develop some fine motoric skills. If we dare to say, they will have a better „surgeon hand“.

Summary – about barbie doll house

Dolls are very important because they teach our kids how to talk, how to be responsible, how to play with other kids and more. Barbie’s are one of those that have been around since forever and all kids know about them.

If you ever had a Barbie, you must remember how obsessed you were with all of the accessories that come with them! One of these is Barbie houses! There are many choices and many different ones you can get, but the main idea is that you check out a lot of them and then compare them.

You can see out top picks to get an idea of the price range for certain features and make sure to check out our advice to get the best tips and tricks before you go and buy something that’s a pain to return. It’s always good to read the whole descriptions and to check out reviews if there are any. This can give you a good sense of what other people are usually looking for as well, which will help you realize whether you are similar to them.

Good luck with your buying process!